Journaling our way through 2022!

Journaling our way through 2022!

“The very centre of your heart is where life begins - the most beautiful place on earth.” - RUMI

It’s January and you know what that means, many of us are busy enacting resolutions in an attempt to start constructing the 2022 version of our best selves! Others have given up on New Years Resolutions all together because they find they have never actually managed to keep them but we say, keep making resolutions and trying to make them happen!

In reviewing our resolutions for 2022, we are turning inward and opting for ones that might actually create lasting change, the first of which is journaling! We are so excited for the blank slate that is this new year and what could be more fitting than opening a new notebook to a blank page of possibility! If you want to join us, we’ve broken down 3 top reasons to start journaling and 3 ways to help you start- so here we go!

Why Journal?

  1. Reduce Stress & Enhance Gratitude.

It’s amazing how much stress can build up when we don’t take the time to address individual thoughts and feelings. The accumulation of buzzing thoughts and endless to-do lists can make you feel unnecessary stress simply because they have piled up and been ignored. By keeping these things on the back-burner of the mind, they start to take a toll and cause overwhelm and fatigue. Journaling helps you address these concerns as they arise, keeping the back-burner free and your mind less taxed! It has also been proven that habitually writing about the good things in your life and taking the time to reflect on your days can have you gaining a valuable perspective of gratitude.

  1. Increase Self-Awareness & Change Habits

Once you start habitually reflecting on your days, you will most likely see your self-awareness increase for the better! Reflection goes hand-in- hand with assessment and journaling can feel like flipping a switch and all of a sudden seeing things anew. Once you start to assess your life, thoughts and actions, this will inevitably lead to long-lasting growth and change in a way that feels manageable.

  1. Realize Your Potential

We hope we’re not alone when we say that we are teeming with ideas, and most of them don’t quite make it to fruition. This is simply because it's hard to jump from dreaming to doing. Journaling offers the opportunity to constantly bring your ideas to life just by jotting them down. Once you start to release these ideas you will be able to start thinking about taking the next steps to make them happen. On top of that, you will find that your mind will boost into action and continue to come up with new ideas to replace the ones you wrote down! You are full of infinite potential, journaling will help you see this by keeping you focused and clear minded and have you hyper aware of your goals and your plan to reach them!

How to Journal?

  1. Establish a Routine

The beauty of journaling is to a large extent in the routine of it. The consistency over time is what makes it clear to us that we are at the driving seat of our lives. A lot of waves can settle when you are able to trust that you have time to manage all the thoughts in your mind and optimally plan your day and actions accordingly. We recommend first deciding on how often you want to journal, whether you want to journal daily for 10 minutes for example or every few days but have a longer session. Whatever you choose, make it a ritual, grab your favourite mug, fill it with a delicious beverage, set a candle or incense and scribble yourself to serenity.

  1. Make Your Journal a ‘Safe-Space’

Is your inner voice as judge-y as ours? Once you start journaling you might feel strange releasing your thoughts, you might adopt a tone that doesn’t really sound like you when you talk to yourself and have private thoughts. In order to reap the benefits of journaling though, we recommend trying to be as authentic as possible in your written word and above all to keep it a judgment-free zone. This way, there is nothing you can’t release into your journal and work through.

  1. Use Writing Prompts

There will be days when pen might hit paper but nothing comes out... On these days when you feel particularly stuck or blocked, we recommend leaning on some writing prompts to kick your pen into gear. This could be a pre-written prompt list you compile at a time when you’re feeling inspired and full of ideas or you can search for writing prompts online. For example, here are writer Suleika Jaouad’s writing prompts for the New Year.

  1. What in the last year are you proud of?
  2. What did this year leave you yearning for?
  3. What’s causing you anxiety?
  4. What resources, skills, and practices can you rely on in the coming
  5. What are your wildest, most harebrained ideas and dreams?

We hope you enjoyed these simple tips and that they encourage you to join us and start journaling this year! 

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