It's Glute Day, Ladies!

It's Glute Day, Ladies!

At home workouts can be intimidating, especially when incorporating new work-out accessories. We asked a specialist for some advice on how to best use our resistance bands and put together a sequence for you! 

It's glute day, ladies!

The PricklyPear resistance bands are perfect for toning and sculpting your legs and glutes. They can be used to balance out a full body workout or to keep your leg & glute days exciting.

A1)  Banded Squats - 3 x 15
Simply step into the band and shimmy it up to your thighs, just above both knees. Step your feet slightly further than hip’s distance apart and do 3 sets of 15 squats. Try to squat deeply, making sure your hips go lower than your knees. As you are squatting try to make sure your knees stay aligned with your feet and push your bum out.

  Lateral Band Walks - 3 x 10 each side

With the band placed just above both knees, simply put your feet together and get into a quarter squat. You want to try to stay in this squat position for the whole exercise. Raise your arms in front of you with your elbows bent to help keep your chest lifted. Pay attention to your hips, making sure they are reaching back and down and try to keep your abs drawn in. Move your feet hips distance apart, being mindful to lead with your heels to ensure your feet stay parallel. Bring your feet back together as you slide to the left/right. Make 10 movements in each direction x 3.

Jess doing a lateral band walk!


B1)  Banded Glute Bridge - 3 x 15

Lay on your back, slide your band on and place it just above your knees. Place your feet flat on the mat less than hip’s distance apart, making sure your knees are right above your ankles and then drive your knees out slightly. Press your lower back into the mat to ensure that you are engaging your core. Place your arms down flat to the side to help support you as you raise your hips up. Do 15 hip-raises in this position x 3. Be mindful to keep your core engaged and try not to over-arch your back!

Jess doing a banded glute bridge!


B2) Banded Glute Bridge Knee-out- 3 x 10

Stay in this same position but remain with your hips up, feet hip's width distance apart. From here keep a stable back and gently push your knees out to the side in small pulses. Do this ten times x 3.


 C1) Banded Kickbacks on Hands- 3 x 15 each side

Slide the band onto your left ankle and come into a semi-plank position with your left knee bent on the floor. Loop the band over your right foot and extend your leg out. Make sure your shoulders are down and your core and back are engaged. Move the extended leg out, pushing against the band and pulse out and back in 15 times on each side x 3.

C2)  Banded Bicycle Crunch - 3 x 20
Lay flat on your mat and loop your band around your feet, extending your legs out. Lift your upper back with hands behind your head, turn your torso clockwise and bring your right knee back, pushing your left leg out against the band then switch sides, bringing your left knee back and pushing your right against the band. Alternate 20 times x 3.

Jess doing a banded bicycle crunch!

We hope you find these exercises helpful, let us know how you get on @pricklypearme !

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