Which Mat Are You?

Which Mat Are You?

Our new collection offers a wide variety of designs, full of vibrant colours and prints. The question is, which travel yoga mat are you? We've categorized a few quirky personality traits that might help you identify which mat you might 'be'. Regardless of which one you pick, we truly hope you enjoy your new mat!

The Zen Master


Are you the friend people turn to for a level head and a sense of calm? If you’re calm, cool and collected, the Kyoto mat is your mat. Even the coolest of cucumbers still need to maintain their practice!

The Optimist

Are you always on the look out for that silver lining? Is the cup always half full? If you're constantly reminding loved ones of the positive side of life, the ‘Manifest’ mat is for you! Being a beacon of positivity can drain your tank, make sure to refuel with a consistent practice! 

The Mermaid

Do you feel instantly at ease when you are near water? Are you fascinated by the mystery of the ocean and love nothing more than a salt water swim? If you find solace in the sea, the 'Abyss' mat is your mat!

The Lightworker

Are crystals, dreamcatchers and beautiful tapestries dotted throughout your living space? Are you passionate about raising the earth's vibration? If you’re always searching for magic, the ‘Synchronicity’ mat is your mat! Get aligned and keep following the magic!

The Dreamer

Why stick to reality when you can indulge in fantasy! Do you often find yourself delighting in daydreams, allowing your mind to drift to faraway places? If you feel restored by putting a pause on reality then the ‘Dreamscape’ Mat is the mat for you.

The Backpacker

Are you a culture lover that collects unique mementos from your travels? Have you been on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or hiked Kilimanjaro? If you are in a constant state of wanderlust and adore adventure, the ‘Inca’ mat might be your mat.

The Nature Lover

Do you love wildlife and natural habitats? Is your idea of a perfect holiday visiting a nature conservation or going on safari? If you adore animals and love loud prints, the 'Safari' mat is definitely for you!

The Environmentalist

Are you always thinking about ways to lower your carbon footprint? Never leave home without your reusable bag and cutlery set? If you're passionate about conserving the world's lungs, the 'Rainforest' mat is for you.

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