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set of two crystal candles

Dhs. 65.00

Enjoy this set of 2 Prickly Pear crystal infused candles.

Prickly Pear candles are made from the highest quality natural soy wax, they come complete with a silver lid to keep it dust free when not in use. Each candle is infused with crystals that will reveal themselves as it burns.

This set includes the Rose & Oud Illuminate candle and the Vanilla & Ylang Ylang Serenity candle.

Transform the scent of your space with the rich combination of rose petals combined with sultry and delicate woody notes to create a soft, rich and uplifting fragrance.
The Rose Quartz crystals will provide nourishing energy that heals the heart and promotes self-awareness and self-love.

Lighten up your living space with this sweet calming combination of vanilla bean combined with Ylang Ylang notes to create a calming and relaxing fragrance. The Amethyst crystals will balance energy, eliminate negativity and boost self-assurance.

As your candle burns your crystals will fall into the wax. When your candle comes to an end your crystal doesn’t. Simply wash the wax off with warm water and voila!

-Burn Time is 16 hours each
-100% natural soy wax
-100% natural authentic crystals

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Love it!
Gorgeous scent, beautiful gift