pl-ug Build Your Own Tent Kit Super

Dhs. 193.00

Build your own tent, den or fort using the pl-ug tools, old sheets, chairs, tables, windows and much more. Let your imagination run free!

All pl-ug tools connect to each other by the patented pl-ug connection. You always have the perfect tool to build your tent, inside or outside. Attach pl-ug to almost anything, indoor or outdoor.

The Grip - Use the grip to hold your sheets and blankets etc. Push the sheet through the grip and it stays in.

Hook - The hook can hold a sheet but can also be used as connector for a grip to hang on to a chair, branch, pipe or anything you think you can use for your constructions.

Sucker - Use a window, tile or mirror as a construction point with the pl-ug sucker

Clamp - Our favourite pl-ug, the clamp has so many possibilities. Let your mind be free and see what you can do with this pl-ug.

Peg - The outdoor favourite, use it on the beach, in the garden or in the wild to have a connection on the ground.

Disk - The best friend of the rod but it can also be used by itself to connect 1 or more pl-ug tools.

Rod - If you don’t have any objects nearby or need some support use the rod.

Recommended Age: 3+ with parental supervision, 5+ without parental supervision

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Clotilde Vallee

Poor quality. I was very dispointed with the two kit I bought.