Creating a Calm Interior!

Creating a Calm Interior!

After the few years we’ve had, it’s no wonder that neutral-shaded interiors are currently on-trend! The reason for this may be more than just aesthetic! Brown, beige and earthy tones are said to be psychologically soothing as they mimic the earth and give us a grounding feeling. And who couldn’t use some of that these days?

We’re all for creating calm in our homes especially since they have become so much more than simply where we wake up and go to sleep. For those who find themselves entertaining more at home as well as those who have turned their living rooms into weekday offices and weekend sanctuaries, we’ve got a few tips to help you add some grounding elements to your space. We recently added some new products to our range to incorporate the earthy elements of wood, rattan, ceramic, stone and glass, giving you lots to work with when decorating your safe haven!

Tip 1:

Indoor Plants

A lovely way to create some calm energy in your space is to incorporate indoor plants and benefit from their air-purifying qualities. In order to not overwhelm your rooms, don’t go too wild but rather stick to a few plants to add in some fresh, earthy energy. We love mid-sized plants that add a significant amount of greenery without distracting from the neutral tones. We also love…you guessed it, cacti! Aside from the prickly pear cactus, there are quit a few other varieties that work very well in a neutral room. Place a tall one on the ground or a smaller one on a minimally organized shelf. 

Tip 2:

Abstract Artwork

Art always ties a room together nicely and allows you to add your own unique touch. To maintain relaxed energy, we recommend opting for abstract art in neutral tones. Whether you go for one big piece or a series of smaller frames, the abstract elements will balance the quieter pieces in your muted space by offering a loud accent. 

Tip 3:

Decorative Pieces

Nothing says curated calm like a few minimal pieces dispersed throughout your space. Vases, jars and trays will add an element of curation and character without cluttering. These little pieces are perfect for shelves, coffee tables and cabinets. By opting for earthy textures and tones, you will create a continued grounding effect throughout the room. 

Here are a few of our favourite neutral pieces to help you set up your sanctuary!

1. Sunnylife Lucite Chess & Checkers Set

Keeping things calm doesn’t mean there is no time for play! We love this SunnyLife chess set both for playing and admiring from a distance. The blend of transparency and the pop of brown makes this set blend in perfectly in a neutral surrounding and adds a lovely curated finish to a shelf or coffee table.

2. ‘Boule’ Rattan Tray

This tray is a nice way to incorporate earthy textures and a great tool for stacking books, placing candles and other bits and pieces in an organized fashion. Of course it’s also a great option for serving guests too.

3. The Ceramic Vase Range

These vases are a neutral interior dream! The ceramic texture as well as the neutral tone offer a very earthy aesthetic that is great for adding those grounding elements throughout your space. Each one works beautifully on its own or with dried or fresh flowers. 

4. ‘Akira’ Coffee Mug Set 

Not only are these coffee cups the perfect tone for our Beige Bliss interior goals but they also offer that earthy texture we’re looking for! This set of 4 would be great for a shared cup of coffee with friends in your blissed out space. 

5. ‘Marina’ Decorative Tray

We love this little catch-all piece. Place your keys, rings, cards or little knick-knacks atop this lovely cement tray and place on your coffee table or add to a shelf for an earthy element. The rimmed edges remind us of a zen-garden and we think this piece omits a cool, calming effect!

We hope you enjoyed some of our tips and recommended products! If you feel inspired to make some neutral changes to your space, let us know how you get on @pricklypearme!





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